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Commercial interior fit-out refers to commercial spaces in interior design .  These include restaurants, retail stores, offices, spa, salon, lobbies, coffee shops, hotels, and other public areas. We are one of the best interior fit-out company in Dubai and an excellent service provider.

We work with you to gain a clear insight into your space requirements and standards, enabling them to produce an extensive and detailed plan which gives you an overview of the time frames and costs for smart decisions.

 The Dubai fit-out company will help you to prepare the perfect and proper affordable interior decorative designs which make your place an outstanding look. We, as one of the best interior fit-out company in Dubai, and are expertized in the perfect blend of light, space, and all the fine details needed to create an unforgettable, luxurious experience and bringing perfection to your Interiors.

For us, Designing is essential but it is also essential to complete the project on time and within the budget is equally essential for us. This quality and prompt delivery commitment have made us the best Fit-out company in Dubai.


Today the Dubai fit-out company are one of the country’s leading Interior and Fit-out company with a reputation for stunning designs, prompt production of projects, and at extremely competitive prices. These are some of our specialized areas

  • Office fit‐out 
  • Restaurant fit-out 
  • Salon fit-out
  • Coffee shop fit-out
  • SPA fit-out
  • hotel fit-out 
Interior Fit-out Company In Dubai

Innovative Interior Design

Interior Design

Innovative Interior design is an additional way to create inspirational, dynamic spaces is an innovative interior structure.Levels, positioning and textures experimentation all have an impact on the presentation of spaces.

  • Natural light and views.
  • Open concept with facilitated sound.
  • Sliding spaces.
  • Private spaces with an openness feel.
  • Respond to changing features.

Innovative Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the design. We Build a better and more aesthetically pleasing environment for our Clients. SLM Interiors plans, analyses, coordinates, and leads projects of all sizes.

  • Space Planning,
  • Site Inspections,
  • Communicating with the stakeholders of a project,
  • Construction Management.
  • Lighting Designing.
  • Execution of the design.

SLM Interiors shapes the experience of interior space, by the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment for the improvement of human functionality.

We Provide full ser­vice with spe­cial­iz­ing in high-end res­i­den­tial pro­jects. The mission of SLM Interiors as interior Designers in Dubai is to create Inte­ri­ors that are time­less, unique and innovative.

Residential Interior Design

Interior Design

Residential Interior Design is a vital piece of design, concentrated on making inside spaces that make the structure both utilitarian and tastefully engaging. 

So it bodes well that we have various types of Interior Design. Probably the most significant field for creators is a private plan or the interiors of spaces where individuals live.

Residential interior design is centred around decency, planners and designers must work intently together. If the customer planning for Renovation or remodelling, the same residential also can check our services. Once in a while, the modeller will assume responsibility for the inside structure.

However, more as often as possible, the engineer works intimately with a creator whose sole employment is arranging the interior aesthetic. Indeed, a solitary habitation may use different planners who each work in one region of living: the kitchen, the rooms, home workplaces, and so on.

Commercial Interior Design

Interior Design

The Commercial interior design is used for the impressive changes to make for the

  • Office fit-out
  • Restaurants
  • Hospital fit-out
  • Retail stores
  • Lobbies
  • Coffee Shop fit-out
  • Spa fit-out
  • Hotel fit-out

The function of Commercial Interior designing is designing the interior place of business. As a house is a space for living, so private plans need to improve decency.

Business structures have the other reason: they assist organizations with bringing or making money. So as per the requirement needed for the particular place of business we need to prepare the structuring and modelling the building

The Dubai fit-out company will help you to develop the perfect and proper affordable interior fit-out designs which make your place look outstanding.

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